Make The Most Out of Your Cardio on a Manual Treadmill

Run to the finish line of your cardio on a manual treadmill. Manuals are the best in hyping up your heart and tiring your legs to the fullest of their abilities. It has been proven that running exercises on a manual treadmill will put your body in tremendous pressure because you are the key to powering up the engine. Research had shown that your heart rate increases more by 20 beats per minute while running on a manual tread than on a motorised one. Another benefit of the manuals is its aid in burning unnecessary body fat. Studies confirmed that you consume 30% more of your energy on the manuals and that translates to more calories being burned. What! That’s true. You get to engage more of your cardio and lose more weight while striding on the manual treadmill. No one could resist these exciting health benefits. Buy your manual treadmill now at Best Home Treadmill Australia.


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Best Home Treadmill Australia has a selection of top of the line manual treadmills in store for you. We have manuals from Matrix, Horizon, Tempo, powertrain, Everfit, Orbit, Impulse, and many more. All of the fitness equipment presented to us are being vetted upon and undergo rigorous tests and inspections to determine if it lives up to what the machine says it would do and pass our own set of standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy my manual treadmill from Best Home Treadmill Australia?

Best Home Treadmill Australia is the most trusted online distributor of the finest brands of cardio home gym equipment. We have always upheld our vision of offering the highest quality and most productive cardio equipment in down under. Our rigorous testing and inspections have been a testament to that vision. You may be surprised that some of the most popular brands of manual treadmills didn’t even pass our standard tests. We want to be a household name as the top-quality cardio equipment distributor.

We also understand that our duties don’t just end at showcasing excellent fitness equipment. We have an incomparable customer service that starts with our sales and customer representatives. Our reps are always on standby to answer all the queries that you’ve got with our treadmills. Your manual treadmills are also delivered by our competent logistics partners. We have trained their delivery personnel on how to handle your manual treadmill so that it arrives with all the components intact and working harmoniously as you run on it. We also make sure that your manual treadmill will not have any scratches or tiny nicks when it reaches your homes.

We are here to serve, not just to be entrepreneurs.

What do I benefit from using the manual treadmill as my home gym cardio machine?

Manual treadmills have gained the reputation of being the most effective cardio equipment that is comparable to running a thousand meters. The health benefits that you can gain from this intense running exercise are tremendous and would bolster your overall wellbeing. What are these? Please read on.

Muscle Power

As its name implies, a manual treadmill is powered by your super strong legs. Using your legs to start and continue the action has numerous positive advantages for your health. Your legs, thighs, buttocks, hips, and even your core are more developed and are forced to work harmoniously and efficiently because of the intensified stress they endure. Consequently, stress endured will translate to muscle growth and strength. Though manual treadmills will not give you that “hulk” lower body, it can still bestow upon you that coveted Baywatch body. Think that will do, right?

Supercharged Cardio

Manual treadmills will exhaust your heart and all of your body the first few running exercises you do on it. The reason is your body adjusts to the already intense workout since you are doing all the hard work and the manual treadmill aids you to sustain the run. This makes your heart rate spike training it to pump out more blood. This, in turn, helps in improving the circulation of blood throughout your body which is the medium to deliver the much-needed oxygen, energy, and nutrients. Improving your cardio in a manual treadmill is not all about lowering your heart rate and blood pressure but giving your body a chance to holistic development.

Calorie Burning Master

As said before, manual treadmills are notorious energy drainer machines. This may sound bad, but it’s actually beneficial to your body, especially if you are aiming to lose some of that stored fat from your body. It has been recognised that you use up 30% more of your energy when on a manual treadmill instead of doing your running exercises on the electric treads. This energy is what we call your calories. Calories are the energy source of your body, but once it is not used, it will add unnecessary curves to your physique. So when you are not doing your running exercises, you’ll be sure to have lots of excess fats. Your chance to hasten the shedding of your extra curves is running on the manual treadmill.


Other than the health benefits that the manual treadmill can bestow upon you, it has practical gains too. This includes the assurance of complete safety during your running exercises. Unlike the motorised treadmill, manuals stop when you stop striding on it. That’s why it’s the safest cardio equipment there is. Another perk of having the manual treadmill is that its configuration is very simple that it’s far likely it will malfunction. And the maintenance would also be reasonably simple.


For home gym owners, the price tag is relatively essential since the equipment will not be for-profit but an investment for life. You wouldn’t want to choose the wrong car, right? Well, you will never go wrong with the manual treadmill. It is the most inexpensive treadmill but the most productive among them too. One other advantage of the manual treadmill in terms of cost is it doesn’t run on electricity. So you would not be worrying about your electric bill skyrocketing at all. Now, go on and keep your fingers busy browsing on Best Home Treadmill Australia’s online store.

How do I choose my manual treadmill?

Just like any other purchases you’ve had, there should always be criteria to guide you in choosing the right one. Hell, there’s even criteria for choosing your partner. Here are some of the guidelines you want to use in considering your manual treadmill.


Make sure that you have ample space at home to fit your manual treadmill. Most manuals have 2m x 1m dimensions. And then add an allowance for you to move freely in the room and enough space for the treadmill to be moved. If your area is too cramped or you are living in an apartment, you can opt to find a folding manual treadmill. Yes! There are folding manuals out there. You can store your folding treadmill inside your closet or even under your bed. Just make sure to wrap it securely to avoid the accumulation of dust and moisture.

Weight capacity

Aside from its size, you also have to factor in the max weight limit of the manual treadmill. Though most manuals will have a 125 to 150kg weight capacity, it doesn’t hurt to be sure. After all, you’ve got friends or family members that might want to use it occasionally. Knowing the limitations of your equipment isn’t just for you but for the safety of your people too.

Running Belt And Roller

It will not be a satisfying run if your running belt is frequently losing its tension, and you have to always fix it. The more it happens, the less likely you would want to use it again. That’s why you have to make sure that the belt rollers and the running belt itself are working smoothly. Choose a manual treadmill that has two or four-ply running belt as they tend to be quieter and a belt roller of about a quarter of a meter in diameter.


 Progressive cardio training is achieved with an increase in resistance. And one way to escalate the intensity of your workout is thru angling the treadmill upwards, like running on uphill terrain. Manual treadmills all have inclination features. The best of them will have at a maximum a 15% incline. Some of the manual treadmills showcased in our online shop also have a decline which can be helpful to better create the up and down nature of a track.